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IXth Leyla Gencer Voice Competition is open to singers between the ages of 18 and 32 (born after 28 September 1986) from all voice categories.

IKSV reserves the right to audio-visually record and broadcast all rounds of the competition. The applicants grant the Foundation the right to make use of their photos and biographical information, as well as the copyright of audio, video and DVD recordings for broadcast on TV, radio and the internet, and for commercial release.

The Organisation Committee reserves the right to cancel or postpone the competition due to force majeure.


Applicants have the choice of taking the preliminary auditions either live at one of the two centres or by submitting their recordings online. The applicants must complete their application fully latest by 10 April 2018.

All applications are done online at Yap Tracker platform, which requires registration and applicants can choose the free registration option if they wish.


The following information and documents will be required during application on Yap Tracker. The application must be completed in English.
•  Personal and contact information
•  Education and performance background
•  Preliminary audition details
•  upload: Résumé (max. 100 words)
•  upload: Copy of the current passport or valid identity card
•  upload: 1 professional PR photo
•  upload: Certification of the educational status or copy of the diploma
•  upload for those who apply by recording: Video files
•  upload for those who choose the bank payment option: Copy of bank receipt of the application fee


The application is valid only after the application fee is fully paid by the applicant and confirmed by the competition. The application fee is not refundable under any circumstances.

The application fee by bank payment is €50 (This is the net amount to be received by the competition; all additional fees regarding the money transfer procedures are to be paid separately by the applicant).

Account Name: Istanbul Kultur Sanat Vakfi
Bank and Branch: Garanti Bank Galatasaray Branch
Address: Istiklal Cad. No: 115 Beyoglu Istanbul - Turkey
Account No: 068 – 9095709
Iban No: TR74 0006 2000 0680 0009 0957 09

In case of payment by credit card on the Yap Tracker application platform, the application fee is $65 (This includes all processing fees).


The live preliminary auditions are held in Milan and Istanbul before an international jury and those candidates who apply for a live audition will be informed of the venue and exact time by email. The candidates will have to supply the accompanist with the voice-piano scores of the arias in their programme.

Either live or by recording, the candidates perform two opera arias of their choice as they have specified in their application, from memory and with piano accompaniment. At least one of the two arias must be in Italian language and both arias are to be sung in the original language and key, and with the recitatives if there are any.


40 contestants are selected in total for the final series.

The final series will be held before jury at the Süreyya Opera House; with piano accompaniment in the quarter and semi-finals and with orchestral accompaniment in the final round.

Works: The contestants submit the list of works they will perform in the final series (official list) to the competition office following the announcement of the results of the preliminary auditions, latest by 15 June 2018.

The official list comprises four opera arias (two of which are performed in the preliminary auditions and at least one to be by an Italian composer) and a solo passage from an oratorio or cantata to be sung at the quarter and semi-finals, as well as two options for an aria to be sung at the final. All works are to be sung from memory.

The contestants bring two copies of the voice-piano scores of the works in their quarter and semi-final programmes.

The contestants are not allowed to make any changes in the list once it is submitted; the jury solely reserves the right to make any changes in the official list of arias only if required, in which case the contestants will be informed of the changes latest by 30 June 2018.

Registration and Draw: The contestants are required to register at the Competition Secretariat at the Süreyya Opera House on 23 September 2018 Sunday between 10:00 and 13:00 hours. Those contestants who fail to register are disqualified from the competition, except for force majeure where the Secretariat is duly notified. There will be a draw at 13:00 to determine the order of stage appearance in the quarter finals. There is also a draw before the semi-final. The order of stage appearance at the final is determined by the jury taking into consideration the musical integrity of the concert.

Quarter Final: The quarter-final is a non-public event. The contestants perform with piano accompaniment one aria of their choice from their official list, along with another chosen by the jury from the same list. 20 contestants are selected for the semi-final.

Semi-Final: The semi-final is a public event. Each contestant performs with piano accompaniment two arias chosen by the jury from the official list. Eight contestants are selected for the final.

The finalists will rehearse with the orchestra on Thursday, 27 September 2018.

Final: The final is in the form of a concert open to public, with the Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra. Each finalist performs one aria out of the two priorly submitted by the contestant and approved by the jury.


The competition provides an accompanist for free in the live preliminary auditions. The contestant may prefer to participate with his/her own accompanist, in which case it must be specified in the application form and all expenses must be covered by the contestant.

All contestants perform with the accompanists provided for free by the competition for the entire final series in Istanbul. Each contestant is entitled to a 20-minute rehearsal with the accompanist before each round; the time and order of the rehearsals are arranged in accordance with the order of stage appearance.


The contestants are responsible for their own travel, accommodation and daily expenses.

Please check the Turkish Consular Info under the site for any visa requirements for the final series in Istanbul.

The competition covers the cost of two nights' accommodation (bed & breakfast) for the finalists.

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